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Don in Paris

This page is to acknowledge some of the kind remarks people have made about Don's Maps over the years.

Photo: Me in Paris, on top of the Musée de l'Homme.

Merci pour votre merveilleux site internet sur la Préhistoire. Je pense que c'est le meilleur qui existe. - Marc

I'm a big fan. This week I introduced 200 college freshman to your website and took them through the whole cave in Chauvet.
This website changed my life, enriching it in ways I cannot articulate - Michael

I've really enjoyed going through your site. Nowhere near done. But man, thanks so much - Jan

Thank you for all the work you put into your website. It is both informative and interesting - Marcella

I hope you get a half-dozen Macarthur grants - anyone who contributes to the sum of human knowledge --- today --- as you have, seriously - David

I’ve just discovered your maps of the journeys of Ayla, and the others, from The Earth’s Children series. JUST what I’d been hoping to find. The first time I read the series - years ago - I sort of remembered there were maps with each book. This time around, I’m listening to the books on Audible… so trying to envision the geography. Keep up the good work - Alice

I had started another journey into the carving of Argillite and lo and behold, you’ve done it again! A fabulous reference to the works of Pacific North-West native peoples. I’ve been reading for a couple of days and must thank you again for your efforts in gathering so much balanced and scholarly information. I’ve ordered a few books but could have saved myself the delay of COVID delivery and just read your site - Steve

I have to thank you very much for all the work you do on your website, it is very difficult to access photographs and information the way you have, and to have everything available, to give references and to be able to quote it is very valuable - Jose

Thank you, Don, so very, very much for your wonderful website helping me to better visualise journeys in some of my best loved books. No cookies, no adverts - you are a wonderful man. I have only just stumbled on your work through trying to find something about the journeys in Earth's Children but I am so excited and full of admiration. These books I have loved for a long time and am re-reading during this scary time - Jane

You are doing a wonderful job and I have seen others that appreciate your website which has lots of great info especially on paleoarcheology - Mehmet

I have been thoroughly enjoying and appreciating your fantastic work on the maps for Jean M. Auel’s novels. Thank you very much for the time and energy you invested in making them and delighting us fans - Attila

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