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Venus figures from the Stone Age

Venus figurines is an umbrella term for a number of prehistoric statuettes of humans sharing common attributes (many of the females being depicted as apparently obese or pregnant), found from Western Europe to Siberia. These items were carved from soft stone (such as steatite, calcite or limestone), bone or ivory, or formed of clay and fired.

I have used my own broad definition for Venus figures here. For convenience on these pages a venus figure is any sculpture or engraving of a male or female human from the Palaeolithic or earlier.

venus alphabetically
Venus figures arranged alphabetically. This is the complete list.

venus chronological

Venus figures arranged in chronological order. This is a simplified list.

purposerectWhat was the purpose of the Palaeolithic Venus figures? This page gives an overview of the Venus Figures, and discusses the possible reasons for the creation of these iconic and mystifying figures.

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