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Plains of Passage - Clickable Map of the Danube

Click on the camera icons to bring up photos and information about the site.

Map of The plains of passage travels
sungaea irongates wolfcamp kelheim source delta silistra tisza budapest budapestnw horsescliff dolni upstrvienna durnstein aschach passau linz valhalla sigmaringen bcmammoth worth ninthcave sunset mammoth clancave whinney lioncamp

Click on the camera icons to bring up photos and information about the site.

Map of the travels of Ayla of the Mamutoi from the book Plains of Passage by Jean Auel.

Here are all the links from the map above plus some extras:

The original Ninth Cave - Laugerie Haute and Basse

The original S'Armunai site - Dolni Vestonice

The original Wolf Camp site - Mizyn

The original Mammoth Camp site - Mezhirich

The original Lion Camp site - Kostienki

The original Sharamudoi site - The Iron Gates and Lepenski Vir

The original Clan Cave site - Shanidar

The Clan fishing site - Sudak

The original Sungaea site - Sungir

Venus figures

Kelheim between Regensberg and Ulm

The Source of the Donau

The Donau delta - the mouth of the Donau

Silistra on the Donau, upstream of the delta

The Tisza or Sister River, where Jondalar and Ayla crossed.

Budapest on the Donau, about where the Hadumai horse people were encountered.

Upstream of Budapest on the Donau

The spot on the Northern bank of the Donau where horses were driven off the cliff by S'Armunai

The Three Sisters and the Dolni Vestonice excavations.

Upstream of Vienna on the Donau

Durnstein on the Donau

Aschach on the Donau

Passau on the Donau

Linz on the Donau

Valhalla on the Donau

Sigmaringen on the Donau, near the Source

The Woolly Mammoth

Worth on the Donau

The region around the Ninth Cave in the Dordogne region of France

Low mountains to the South of the Donau just upstream from the delta region.

Photographs of Whinney

Ice Age Animals

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