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Dolni Vestonice Home Page

Dolni Vestonice is an ice age mammoth hunters site in the Czech Republic near the town of Brno, in Sudmären - Southern Moravia.

Dolni Vestonice I is the original site, where a kiln and pottery figures were found. Dolni Vestonice II is the site where a triple burial of three teenagers was discovered. Dolni Vestonice III is between these two, and has yielded so far tools and bone fragments.

  The Venus of Dolni Vestonice

Dolni Vestonice Venus

young mammoth

Dolni Vestonice and Pavlov - Jewellery, Pottery, and other artifacts

Dolni Vestonice I 200x100

Dolni Vestonice and Pavlov sites


Dolni Vestonice and Pavlov Burials, including the triple burial

Dolni V Photo

Dolni Vestonice and the Three Sisters - photographs of the area

Südmären - Southern Moravia, a pictorial overview by Fritz Lange.

This page includes a good modern map of the area, suitable for visitors to Dolni Vestonice / Unterwisternitz.


The S'Armunai - Map of the local area for fans of the Earth Children series by Jean Auel, showing Ayla's journey in the area.

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